Fortium Holdings

Our Mission

Fortium is currently exploring new investments in high-quality and high-growth companies seeking partnership and collaboration to drive the next level of growth.

Our Commitment

Fortium is committed to building long-term value for all stakeholders, while preserving one of the most important aspects of any business – its history and legacy.

 We believe the most important aspect of any business is excellence, ethics and integrity, and so we approach every transaction with this in mind.

Our Value

Fortium’s experience and platform positions us to:

> Take the value you have already created, and elevate it; 
> Fund and facilitate your growth initiatives;
> Scale your business into new markets and opportunities;
> Proactively pursue potential acquisitions and consolidation opportunities

Our Investment Process

Fortium employs a rigorous approach to evaluation of potential investment partners, including an intensive analysis of industry opportunities, market dynamics, product and value differentiation – combined with strong executive leadership.

Our Investment Requirements

Fortium is eager to find our next partner from team’s seeking professional collaboration and public-company resources to drive growth. We are interested in speaking with young, exciting companies with established products and a strong brand. While our investment approach and process is applicable to a wide range of opportunities, we are most focused in identifying U.S. based opportunities with deal sizes of up to $10 million.

Take your business to the next level with Fortium Holdings. Speak with a member of the Fortium team today:

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